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Delivering High Quality Drafting Services

Shree Design team has in-house design experts who are pioneers in architectural design services. Our CAD drafting design experts are equipped enough to handle the projects with any kind of complexities and deliver the CAD drafting services at a competitive price.

Architectural Design Services

Engineering Design Services

Construction Design Services

Structural Design Services

Are your corporate expenses skyrocketing?

Are your Project Dates Delayed?

Are you Struggling to increase your Business revenue?

Are you Too Busy to Take on New Projects ( Larger Project)?

Then Outsourcing is the Right Solution for you

Why should you outsource the Drafting Services?

If you are planning to expand your business then Outsourcing drafting is the Best choice for you

One of the biggest challenges many Companies face today is sourcing the right professionals for drafting services. Even when they are in the phase to expand their business, they face difficulties in setting up a team of designers who can do the drawing production effectively and efficiently.

Steps to take when you try to Expand yourself

  • Recruiting highly qualified professionals

  • Huge operational cost is for training the employees and making them qualified

  • Managing the team production

  • Hire professionals for QA/QC

  • Consumes time and incurs huge operating costs for the companies

Steps to take when you Outsource your Drafting Services

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Lower Cost Higher Profit for you

Did we mention the cost for other legal expenses, 401k,Health Insurance and other employee costs?

All the above results would lead to high expenses and the companies will make less profit. This is where the Shree design team pitches in and the organization can outsource the Drafting services.

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Why should you choose the Shree design team as your Drafting Outsource Partner?

We have qualified experts who are ready to serve with quality delivery. We are a team of professionals who could help with design services. Our team of trained and educated professionals is familiar with international building codes, city codes, ordinances & more on international drafting standards

How We Help Your Business Grow with our drafting outsource services?

When the project comes up, we assign a team leader who can efficiently manage the team without fuss. Team Lead serves as a good coordinator of the project and manages the drawing preparation.

-Team leader leads through the project until delivery with effective time management.

-We also schedule calls and meetings as per the client's requirement and the assigned team leader will be in the US time zone.

-The software to be used also depends on the preference of our clients. We are experts in drafting software like CAD, BIM, REVIT, NAVISWORK & SKETCHUP.

Quality Control

The organization in turn gets the above-added benefits at a very low cost and outsourcing could be much more profitable for the organization than procuring the right head for the drafting services

Shree design creates the best CAD drafting services

Grow your organization’s profits by outsourcing your drafting services to the Shree Design team. So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call today. Let's get connected quickly and help your organization leverage! Get in touch with our design experts for your 2D or 3D CAD drafting services.

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